time collection optimization made easy

reduce your paperwork

We know ... paper makes for something easy to use, tangible ... but in the era where we order even parts from Amazon, something has to change.

save your data

You can schedule with us delivery times for a CSV file report to be delivered to you with all the time entries for the period ( weekly, bi-weekly, monthly )


Fully hosted and serviced by us, the solution follows the KISS method of collecting time. It can also be customized to your specific requests.

saved to email and server

Time In has double saving features. It comes to the designated email, and saves also on the hosted server.

Choose the perfect plan

Chose your perfect plan, or get in touch with us for a more personal situation.

Per month


Per month


Per month


Frequently asked questions

It is a method of time collection based on electronic means, such as a web app, or a phone app.

Depending on features and number of users, the costs can fluctuate from $2/employee to $5/employee

It means that you get a report per week, at an established date, for payroll purpose. You will receive a CSV file with the situation for the week, to upload in your payroll software, to calculate wages due.

Of course! It is accessible on any web browser, on computers, phones or tablets, and we will add Android and iOS dedicated apps too

The idea came after consulting several companies on their workflow processes, and discovering that while there is an app that does anything, there is no app that does a specific thing only.

We are always looking for talent!

EVA Projects is a cross platform timesheet optimization app for all devices. Contact Us

Our clients say

"Since I started using this app, my cleaning crews are happier, moving faster and they can file the time for the day even at 3 AM ( just don't leave your phone on Loud, as a few messages might wake you up )"
Hilary Leigh
Cleaning company owner
"I always thought that a complicate solution was the answer. But Techs hate to connect to a software that does 10 other things. For us, decentralization was the right answer! Everybody loves it!"
Hall Read
HVAC company CTO
"My developers are happier to have an app that does just time collection, as they do not have to login back into the Project Management software"
Quintin Angus
"No, freelancers do not need solutions to show them accountable and to prove to employers how much time they worked on a project. But in the end ... they do!"
Johny Tempest
Film maker